SAVE 35.7855% and more when you buy from

You can save up to 35.7855% when you buy the same product on, versus retail or other online marketplaces.

We take the extra time and effort to provide you the freedom to choose between convenience and additional savings (up to 35.7855% as a ballpark figure).

Fairness to each buyer on, not ‘subsidies’ or ‘equality’ believes in fairness for each buyerWe disagree with:
A) Buyer having to pay more because other buyers prefer payment methods that have higher transactions fees / rewards / payment terms (e.g Buy now pay later or installment plans)
B) Buyer paying more because sellers do not want the hassle of setting different prices for different platforms/marketplaces. (It takes human effort to calculate different prices for different marketplaces commissions and payment charges) What this means is…
The same product with a selling price of $10.00 on will likely be increased to $10.20 or $11.50 when sold on other platforms/marketplaces.

The same product will likely be priced higher at a retail shop as well (cost of rental, staff salaries, utilities etc)

We prefer to give you (buyer) the choice to choose the most convenient or affordable way to get your product. ?

Pay less for delivery when you purchase more with

Unlike most marketplaces that provides buyers a fixed delivery fee of $1.50 or so, delivery fees here at are calculated based upon item weight (and charged by local Singapore delivery courier companies respectively).

Placing an order with us ensures that you are not overcharged for shipping/delivery fees.

Most marketplaces/platforms such as “S”, “L” and “Q” do not have the systems in place for seller to input their item weights accurately.

The amount buyers pay becomes extremely large when purchasing multiple quantities or different products, as delivery fees are ‘hidden’ within the selling price of most marketplaces, while delivery fees are charged based on weight.

Example (Math time!)

1 Packet of Draw String Colorful Trash Bag (5 Rolls) is priced… On $2.80 + $3.95 (Delivery) = $6.75
On “S” platform: $4.11 + $1.49 (Delivery) = $5.60

If you increase the quantity to 5 Packet, before any additional vouchers/discounts: On $14.00 + $3.95 (Delivery) = $17.95
On “S” platform: $20.55 + $1.49 (Delivery) = $22.04

Based on the above case study, buyers pay an extra 22.7855%  for the same product and delivery when buying from larger marketplaces. ($4.09/$17.95X100 = 22.7855%)

Pay 13% less Transaction Fees and Commissions charged by marketplaces on local sellers

Most (if not all) marketplaces charge commissions of 2% to 15% on all products sold by sellers locally in Singapore.

Some e-commerce sellers or bigger brands may practice a same-price approach for all channels/marketplaces.

Buyers may think this is fair, but in fact, it may be the opposite, as a buyer buying on a platform that charge 2% commission to sellers is also paying the same price as another buyer on a 15% commission platform.

Equality versus Fairness

It is actually more of ‘equality’, for both buyers to pay the same price, but not ‘fairness’.

If the seller provided additional 0.01% to 13% discount for the buyer that purchased from the 2% commission platform, then it is a ‘fairer’ situation.

99.32% Accuracy due to Parcel Inspection by our Operations Team

Due to growth over the past 3 years, our parcel volume has grown significantly.

Our Ops Team and technology has evolved to the point where every single parcel currently undergoes photo inspection (at least once) before being collected by local Singapore courier partners.

Up to 99.32% of all orders are successfully delivered without any need for return or refunds.

Remaining 0.68% are usually due to parcel damage or lost parcels on marketplaces by couriers.

If you’re confused not sure what to do… buy from us! Or ask for discount if applicable

In general (say about 75% of the time), most of the products we have should be more affordable on

The remaining 24% of the time. buyers may benefit if marketplaces offer ridiculous amounts of vouchers/discounts, or certain credit cart companies offer huge rebates (often one-off).

1% (or sometimes more) of the time, our prices may not be updated or price system may have a bug (software issue, not a 6 legged) issue.

If you see that any of our products are more expensive on our website versus marketplaces out there, kindly WhatsApp us via the floating icon or