Unisex Running Sports Waist Pouch for Walking and Jogging

Ever had to hold your phone + keys when you’re going out for a walk or jog and end up with sore fingers?

Worse still, perspiration ends up on your phone, making it oily and sometimes you even drop your phone or keys!

No worries, with www.stylepalacesg.com’s Unisex Running / Jogging Waist pouch, carry your loose items or “barang barang” with you when you’re out for a quick walk or jog!

It’s small and compact, but it can be stretched to accommodate those with larger phones (or multiple phones).

Forgot to charge your phone? No worries, just slip in a slim power bank into the pouch as well!

Considering to get a wireless bluetooth earpiece because it’s too troublesome to hold the phone and plug in a wired earpiece?

This waist pouch comes with a “hole” for a standard 3.5mm headphone jack to go through, allowing you to listen to your music (or phone calls) on the go.

Wait, did we mention it’s also water resistant to perspiration and light rain?

Well if that’s not enough, it’s also coated with special reflective material so that if you do happen to go out at night, you’re easily visible to vehicles and motorists!

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