Wet Wipes with Vitamin E for Babies and General Use


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Special Features:

1) Perfect for sensitive skin
2) Wet Wipes with Vitamin E by stylepalacesg.com
3) Super thick version (requires tremendous effort to tear the wet wipe)

High Quality Thicker Grade Wet Tissue / Baby Wipes

Size: 15 x 18cm / Small Convenient packs (ideal for bringing outdoors)

Packing: 20 pieces per packet

Weight: 120g – 140g per packet

Product Content: Non Woven Fabric, Pure Water, Vitamin E

Why use higher quality wet wipes for babies?

Babies have delicate skin than adults in general, and are very sensitive to certain fabric materials or chemicals. When it comes to choice of soaps, shampoos, clothes (fabrics), extra care needs to be taken.

General grade wet wipes are more suitable for adult skin and usually may contain additional cleaning agents/chemicals, as well as rougher fabrics, to more effectively clean dirt/foreign particles.

Higher grade wet wipes for new born babies contain gentler fabrics, and less or no soaps, thus is more suitable for them.

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Bundle Pack

1 Pack (10pcs), 4 Packs (40pcs), 10 Packs (200pcs), 20 Packs (400pcs)

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