[Style Aroma] Essential Oil Reed Diffusers with Box for Gift 150ML


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150ml / bottle

Packed in Hardcover Box suitable as a Gift

6 Reeds Included

Style Aroma brings to you High Quality Essential Oils in a new form: Reeds Diffuser Essential Oil

Suitable to place at home in toilets, living room, study room, as well as vehicles (avoid too long exposure to sunlight)

To boost the aroma, place it near a fan and the essential oils will circulate much better in the room.

Available Scents:
1. 桂花 / Osmanthus
2. 真我 / J’adore
3. 花漾 / Blooming Bouquet
4. 洋甘菊 / Chamomile
5. 栀子花 / Nature Gardenia
6. 反转巴黎 / Mon Paris
7. 喜来登 / Sheraton
8. 银色山泉 / Silver Mountain Water
9. 伯爵茶雨小黄瓜 / Earl Grey & Cucumber
10. 青柠罗勒与柑橘 / Lime Basil & Mandarin Citrus
11.玫瑰 / Red Roses
12.橙花 / Orange Blossom
13. 威斯汀白茶 / Westin White Tea
14.邂逅 / Chance
15.希尔顿 / Hilton
16.蓝风铃 / Wild Bluebell Cologne
17.鼠尾草与海盐 / Wood Sage & Sea Salt
18. 柠檬香茅 / Lemongrass
19.香格里拉 / Shangri-La
20.英国梨与小苍兰 / English Pear & Freesia
21.薰衣草 / Lavender

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Osmanthus, J'adore, Blooming Bouquet, Chamomile, Nature Gardenia, Mon Paris, Sheraton, Silver Mountain Water, Earl Grey & Cucumber, Lime Basil & Mandarin Citrus, Red Roses, Orange Blossom, Westin White Tea, Chance, Hilton, Wild Bluebell Cologne, Wood Sage & Sea Salt, Lemongrass, Shangri-La, English Pear & Freesia, Lavender

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