Sealant Fix 12g/tube Super Strong Adhesive for Wall Objects Fixtures at Home and Office


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Superglue Sealant adhesive wall mount for fixtures, furniture, bathroom, office and general use.

Based on German Technology (reliable, tested and proven)

Size: 1 tube = 12g

Ship from Singapore warehouse @ Bukit Batok

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Product Benefits
1. Reduces your need for drilling, nails, wall putty etc
2. Simply apply the glue onto surfaces. Holds heavy objects like bathroom hardware without issue.
3. Once applied, please allow 48 – 72 hours for it to dry and solidify. (you may use a fan to blow the area to encourage faster solidification process)
4. Water resistant
5. Ensure surface is clean before applying. Use alcohol to wipe area, and if needed, use sandpaper to smooth out surface from previous dirt and leftover adhesive from other glue etc.

Note: As Singapore is humid, allow up to 72 hours for the glue to dry / solidify.

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