Lizard and Cockroach Glue Trap (10pc per box)


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Earn 1-50 Coins worth $0.01-$0.50!
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1 box contains: 10 pieces

Easy to Use: Ready-to-use directly out of the box. All you need to do is open it, fold the box and place it at a suitable location.

Enhanced Bait: Glue trap contains insect pheromones to simulate the presence of other insects in order to attract them into the trap.

Non Toxic: Suitable for use in areas with food. We know pesky ants, cockroaches and lizards like to hang around places with food and also at dark corners. This non-toxic trap will not be harmful in the kitchen, and it comes with foldable dark box to attract the pests inside the bait.

Highly Sticky —- Special formula for enhanced stickiness, increasing the effectiveness of the traps

Multiple Use —- Also traps a variety of insects, such as cockroaches, ants spiders etc.

1) Remove the plastic sheet from the adhesive trap. Place the adhesive trap inside the provided cardboard box
2) Follow the folds on the provided cardboard box and fold it into the shape of a box
3) Place the trap at a suitable location where lizards, cockroachs and other insects often roam for more effectiveness.
4) You may place additional bait onto the sticky area for more effectiveness as well

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