Kitchen Cleaner (Lemon Scent / 500ml) for Kitchen Grease and Stains


Earn 3-15 Coins worth $0.03-$0.15!
Earn 3-15 Coins worth $0.03-$0.15!
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1 bottle contains 500ml

– Bubble and foamy format cleaning spray
– Cleans surfaces thoroughly (deep clean)
– Easy and convenient to use (no need to mix different cleaning solutions)
– Removes grease and stains within 2-5 minutes
– Can be applies on exhaust, stoves, cookware, walls, and hood areas
– Fresh lemon aroma, suitable for use with mother / baby environment
– Gentle on metal and surfaces

– Shake bottle well
– Aim nozzle spray at application area
– Spray at application area and wait for 1 to 2 minutes
– When foam / bubble begins to slide downwards (start to turn to liquid form), begin wiping with cloth or disposable cleaning towels
– For heavy stains / grease, you may wipe repeatedly or spray additional foam
– After stains are removed, rinse application with water or use a different towel / cloth to wipe off remaining liquid and debris from surface.

– Do not throw or damage bottle surface.
– Maintain good air ventilation when using this product.
– Keep away from direct flame or sunlight.
– Avoid contact with eyes or mouth. If eyes or nose come in contact with the foam, immediately rinse and consult a physician.
– Keep out of reach of children.
– Do not dispose the bottle into fire.

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