Essential Oil Water Soluble for Humidifiers (10ml/bottle)


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1 bottle: 10ml

StylePalace Aroma: Local essential oil importer based in Singapore.

Made from 100% natural extracts. Safe for pets and children as well.

Water soluble essential oils are intended for use with aroma diffusers, humidifier, air purifiers, air revitalizers, candle burners.

Mix with water for use in foot massages/soaks etc.


Lavender 薰衣草 | Peppermint 薄荷 | Rose 玫瑰 | Eucalyptus 尤加利 | Lemon 柠檬 | Cape Jasmine 栀子花 | Ocean 海洋 | Sakura 樱花 | Forest Bath 森林浴 | Jasmine 茉莉 | Orange 甜橙 | Green Tea 绿茶 | Gardenia 子花 | Clove 丁香 | Bergamot 佛手柑 | Frankincense 乳香 | Ylang Ylang 依兰 | Tea Tree 茶树 | Cinnamon 肉桂 | White Tea 白茶 | Grapefruit 柚子 | 洋甘菊 Chamomile | Lemongrass 香茅 | Sandalwood 檀香 | Sage 鼠尾草 | Rosemary 迷迭香 | Vetiver 香根草

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1 Bottle (10ml)


Lavender 薰衣草, Peppermint 薄荷, Rose 玫瑰, Eucalyptus 尤加利, Lemon 柠檬, Cape Jasmine 栀子花, Ocean 海洋, Sakura 樱花, Forest Bath 森林浴, Jasmine 茉莉, Orange 甜橙, Green Tea 绿茶, Gardenia 栀子花, Clove 丁香, Bergamot 佛手柑, Frankincense 乳香, Ylang Ylang 依兰, Tea Tree 茶树, Cinnamon 肉桂, White Tea 白茶, Grapefruit 柚子, 洋甘菊 Chamomile, Lemongrass 香茅, Sandalwood 檀香, Sage 鼠尾草, Rosemary 迷迭香, Vetiver 香根草

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