DIY Air-con Chemical Wash (Japan Quality) for Deep Cleaning and Fresh Air (500ml)


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Clean and extend your aircon lifespan and reduce servicing frequency and costs.

Make your air-con fresh and clean, almost brand new experience everyday.

Save time, effort and cost. Easy to use, conserve energy, reduces electricity bill.

Size: 500ml


1) Switch off the air-con and power
2) Remove the air filter from the air-con
3) Expose cooling coils / fins
4) Shake the can few times up/down and sideways as well
5) Spray towards the coils / fins sideways in a zig-zag manner, to ensure entire coils / fins are is covered with the bubble foam (Spray from distance 5cm away)
6) Wait for bubble foam to disappear (around 15 to 20 minutes). (Cleaning solution will flow out from the pipes subsequently.
7) Switch on the air-con change and allow to run for 10 to 15 minutes
8) Cleaning is now complete. Place the aircon filters back into the aircon and you are done.

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