Black Trash Garbage Bag Bin Liner (Normal and Thick)


Earn 3-31 Coins worth $0.03-$0.31!
Earn 3-31 Coins worth $0.03-$0.31!
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Black trash / garbage bags to line huge garbage bins or trash bins with.

Excellent for slightly heavy duty use, such as office or coffee/shop food disposal.

We advise to use thick variants for food disposal, or line dustbins with 2 layers of garbage bags to prevent leakage.

Available in 4 sizes, and each size has 2 thickness options to choose from.

Models Available:
Model 1138) M3-25 50x60cm 50pcs, Thickness 0.025mm (0.3kg)
Model 1139) M3-35 50x60cm 50pcs, Thickness 0.035mm (0.4kg)
Model 1140) M3-25 60x80cm 50pcs, Thickness 0.025mm (0.47)
Model 1141) M3-38 60x80cm 50pcs, Thickness 0.038mm (0.6kg)
Model 1142) M3-28 80x100cm 50pcs, Thickness 0.028mm (0.75kg)
Model 1143) M3-45 80x100cm 50pcs, Thickness 0.045mm (1.38kg)
Model 1144) M3-30 100x120cm 50pcs, Thickness 0.030mm (1.43kg)
Model 1145) M3-42 100x120cm 50pcs, Thickness 0.042mm (1.99kg)

Additional information

Weight N/A
Size / Thickness

50x60cm Normal, 50x60cm Thick, 60x80cm Normal, 60x80cm Thick, 80x100cm Normal, 80x100cm Thick, 100x120cm Normal, 100x120cm Thick

Bundle Pack

1 Packet, 3 Packet

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