Product Feature on Mookata BBQ Grill Plate and Gas Stove

Mookata, or Mu kratha,  means ‘pan pork’ in Thai. Mookata seems to be a fusion of Korean barbecue and a Chinese hot pot.

It may have originated from the Korean BBQ, but the traditional Thai Mookata uses charcoal.

Sliced meats are usually placed on the dome area in the centre of the grill pan, while vegetables, fishball and other ingredients are usually placed at the side to be boiled in the soup.

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In Singapore, it’s more common to find Mookata stoves powered by gas stoves, rather than traditional charcoal (due to hygiene/smoke and F&B businesses’ preference).

1249B’s Non-Stick BBQ Mookata Grill Plate with Stove SET comes with both the Mookata BBQ Grill Plate, and the Gas Stove (not equipped with gas cylinder).

Of course, you may also choose to purchase only the BBQ Grill Plate, or only the gas stove itself.

It’s more common to replace the BBQ Grill plate due to the tendency for meats/food to stick onto the surface of the grill.

To avoid that (and avoid hours of cleaning and scrubbing efforts), we recommend users to use non-stick baking paper for the Mookata session!

Here’s some technical details of our Mookata BBQ Grill Set:

Material: Aluminium Alloy

– Tray External Width: 34.5cm
– Tray Internal Width: 22.5cm

We recommend to either place some cubes of lard oil (or alternative oils) over the surface of the grill before you begin your grilling!

The oils will help prevent meats from burning up / sticking to the mookata grill plate surface.

At the edge where you can place your soup / broth inside, use it to cook some vegetables, fishball or food that you prefer to be boiled in the soup.

Finally, don’t forget your chilli sauce and dips such as BBQ Sauce or even Cheese / Satay sauce!

Start your very own Mookata Session at home with family and friends now with’s’s Non-Stick BBQ Mookata Grill Plate with Stove SET.

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