Refund Methods

Refunds via debit/credit card are currently not available for returns in order to minimise unnecessary transaction fees by banks and payment gateways.

If there are any refunds to be issued, we will refund you via PayNow or store-credit equivalent to the returned item(s).

In-store credits (coins) do not have an expiration date.

Check your cashback coins balance now.

Refundable Items

1 - For cases of packing errors or wrong items (seller issue), the product value and delivery fees will be refunded if necessary.

2 - For cases of change of mind or wrong delivery address (or other buyer issues), we will only refund the product value upon return of the product to us. The delivery fees will not be refunded.

3 - For all types of cases (buyer or seller issue), transaction fees by your choice of payment gateway (if applicable) will not be refunded.

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